by on November 18, 2021

After this period, players can find that Amazon Game Studios is very responsible. They also hope to bring players a perfect New World, and they are doing so. Players will be more willing to spend more time and New World Coins in New World.

Previously, because of the long queue time, many players complained. The release of Amazon’s MMO New World encountered some bumps on the road. Many players have bought Amazon New World Coins in order to get a better gaming experience, but the waiting time is too long and they have lost their patience. However, since patch 1.03, every player has received a free server transfer token to change to the server that best suits their needs. These transfers are currently limited to the same region, but allow players to change one of their characters to any server they want for free.

Players who want to choose a server with a healthy population may not want to move prematurely. New World’s player base has dropped to nearly half of its peak, so many worlds crowded with long lines can now provide a better experience, while a less populated world may suffer from a lack of players.

After the players change their clothes and weapons, the characters will keep all their progress, such as level, title, and weapon mastery. In addition, all inventory and storage space including New World Coins and houses, will also be transferred. New World’s territory ranking will also continue, but players should keep in mind that territories are likely to be owned by different factions. Finally, the buddy list will not be transferred with the character because it is server-specific.

If there are players who need to know more about New World’s guide, they can consult and buy New World Coins at IGGM. IGGM recently had a discount event, players can buy with the discount code “NW5”.

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