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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the promotions on e-commerce空氣淨化機platforms are getting hotter, so it's quite worth it to buy some household items for your home this time of year.

After doing some homework and comparing various brands, 床上用品店prices, and performance, I'll shozble air delivery, with air conditioning with a cooler, now basically before midnight on the air conditioning, after midnight on the fan. Too good-looking, less than 200 yuan or worth it.

Hanging neck small fan

Home can blow the fan air conditioning, but still hot when you go out. 口罩Ordinary small fans need to be held by hand. If you hold something with both hands, you have to take a fan. Even the umbrella can't hold up, it's not convenient to use!

This hanging neck small fan, you can carry the wind by walking, the appearance of the design looks more lightweight some fashion, 2000mAh large capacity as well as the battery, a file wind endurance of up to 5 hours, the highest 3 files can also support 100 minutes, do not have to worry about because you can blow and blow and run out of power.

Feel delicate, the body weight of only 260 grams, comfortable to wear, delicate and compact, but the wind volume is not small, built-in high-speed brushless motor, 3-speed wind speed adjustable, blowing wind feels very refreshing.

Although it calls itself a neck fan, but there are three uses. Hands can hold hands, hands can hold tired hanging neck, sitting on the desktop can also be a small fan, about 45 degrees or so can be adjusted to exit the wind design, more intimate.

Hanging neck fan less than 100 yuan, practicality is more, walking, taking the bus, subway and cooking are very crowded, no longer need to sweat.

Air fryer

There are many brands and types of air fryers, but this kind of air fryer with steam function is not common.

Compared to ordinary ambient air fryers, this ultra-tender force air fryer locks in tender technology through 3D water mist, and the fried and baked chicken wings belong to the skin formed crispy and the chicken tender.

Personally, I like the transparent visual design, which allows them to easily observe the changes in ingredients during frying and baking, avoid overheating and scaling, and maintain the most appropriate flavor. Because chicken wings also come in sizes, the default time is not always exact.

With a capacity of 3.5L, there is no problem for a small family. What is more worth considering is the design of this baking pan, which is easy to clean and saves a lot of tin foil.

In addition to fried chicken wings, French fries and chicken nuggets, they can also bake sweet potatoes, bake egg tarts and more. It has a unique "char" on the skin compared to regular ovens. It's easy to do, and the food they make is especially delicious.

Faucet frother

The distance from the bathroom faucet is too short. When you wash your hands, it's easy to get water all over the table and get your clothes wet. If you don't pay attention to drying, it will produce limescale and cracks damp and moldy.

Changed this dual-function universal faucet bubbler, install a very has a simple, their own business can be replaced by hands. In addition to the development to provide two grades of water design mode (bubble water and shower water), but also 720 degrees super angle analysis rotation, easily and effectively solve the Chinese traditional faucet distance is too short, can not in order to change the angle and direction of the water.

Large angle for rotation can be coupled with a strong shower water work mode, used to develop a clean basin is very simple and convenient, with a turn to rinse clean. Usually wash with bubbling water mode, children learn to wash their hands without worrying about reaching, but also actively flip upward, wash your face and hair with live water, clean and hygienic.

Although it is a small thing, but can easily change the water experience, dozens of gadgets, can achieve most of the functions of high-grade pull faucet.

permaculture pot

Air-conditioned rooms are prone to dryness after a long stay, there are permaculture kettles, good-looking and cheap, really good permaculture helpers, tea/congee/stewed soup/stewed snacks, everything is proficient!

1.5L capacity, 16 kinds of preset menu, easy to operate at a glance, high borosilicate glass pot body, quenching and heating is not easy to crack, use very assured, easy to clean.

Small and functional, can boil, stew, pot, can 12 hours insulation, 9.5 hours reservation, basically can meet the needs of business daily life analysis without a problem, electricity that is used, the difficulty correlation coefficient of 0.

I always used to feel that the health pot is a bit superfluous, but quietly, use it to slow cook some health soup on a low heat, it still feels quite healing.

These small things actually cost some money, the key is to be able to adapt to their needs, easier to use, or worth having.

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