by on November 19, 2021

The reason why Amazon and the players are very distressed at present is that New World once again has a major problem. Developers must work non-stop to develop fixes to improve New World as soon as possible and ensure its normal operation. Recently, players discovered a gold dupe exploit that came with the server transfer features, which caused Amazon Game Studios to shut down the entire economy indefinitely. Players cannot Buy New World Coins to buy and sell items in Trading Post, cannot pay taxes, and companies cannot keep up with the upgrade of towns, so they continue to be hit by wars and invasions.

Just when the game seemed to be slowly recovering from the chaos, another repeated loophole came out to cause chaos. This time, players can copy furniture and other items, allowing them to bypass farming materials to make New World Coins. In response, Amazon once again stopped the entire economy. So Trading Post is no longer useful again. There are no more player transactions, no more gold sent to companies or other players, and no maintenance tax is required. This is rough. Once the vulnerabilities are patched, these features will be back online.

The vulnerabilities that have followed are about to drive developers and players crazy. There will always be a phenomenon where a problem has just been fixed, and another error occurs again. It makes players wonder whether they should continue to play New World or switch to other more stable MMORPG games. We can only expect Amazon to solve these troublesome problems as soon as possible. After all, New World carries the high hopes of so many players.

After they fix the bug, players can get 5% off on IGGM with the discount code “NW5”. In this way, they only need to spend a lot of money to buy more Amazon New World Coins, which is also extremely beneficial to their subsequent development.

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