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by on November 20, 2021

Community travel is gaining more popularity now. Travelers are sharing vehicles for going to different locations. Which is that digital marketplace that is offering carpooling services? It is BlaBlaCar. Drivers can directly connect with passengers and proceed to different destinations. Are you that entrepreneur aiming for environment-conscious travel? Develop a BlaBlaCar clone app soon.

What is the meaning of a BlaBlaCar like vehicle pooling app? 

It is a pre-built on-demand carpooling script that is packed with features similar to BlaBlaCar.  Users have to fill in their Leaving From and Going To details. Travellers can fix a schedule like Today and Tomorrow and enter the number of passengers. 

Later, they will be connected to a nearby driver.  Passengers will know the time of pickup, proceed to a certain point, onboard the vehicle, and their journey will start. 

Besides that, you can add brand elements like colors, graphics, images, logos, slogans, and theme lines as per the business requirements. 

The key feature of a BlaBlaCar like vehicle pooling platform is 

  • Review co-passenger - Users can pass comments about their fellow travelers. They can post ratings on the online feedback system. 
  • Search for a ride option - Finding a ride is quite easy on a BlaBlaCar clone app. Passengers can tap the Search Ride option and discover various options for travel. They can choose either domestic or international locations as per their business requirements
  • Numerous filters - The perfect trip is guaranteed for travelers. They can tap filters like price (lowest, highest), departure (earliest in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night), and amenities (government ID, maximum 2 in the back, and instant approval). 
  •  Publish a Ride button - Drivers can save immensely by registering on a BlaBlaCar like vehicle pooling app. They should create an account by linking their email address and social media accounts, tapping the Publish ride button, uploading their driving license, available locations, and price. 

 Looking to kickstart your vehicle pooling venture? Contact an app development company and create a BlaBlaCar clone app soon.

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