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by on July 7, 2022

If you are a paw-rent (parent who owns pets), you have a huge obligation to pet relocation to a safer location. Dogs, cats, and other households have a difficult time accepting a move, unlike humans. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you initially made them shift-ready. 

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Additionally, when moving day draws near, set aside some time to when you want to move your pets to the new site and also  Plan how you will transport your pets to their new residence as well.


at some crucial pointers for securely relocating your pets as well as the services you can get from a professional Packers and Movers.

Decide on a pet-friendly area

Before beginning the moving process, your first responsibility is to make sure you choose a pet-friendly area. Additionally, before moving into a new state, double-check the rules outlined there regarding pets.

Kindly give them the ID tag

The pets typically require more time to adjust to a new environment. Thus, there is a good probability that they could disappear. As a result, be sure to provide them with an identification tag that includes the pertinent information, like name, address, and phone number. Even if the animals get lost returning home, it will help them find you fast.

While packing and unpacking, keep them apart

Leaving your pets unattended while you pack or unpack your belongings is not a good idea. As things are dispersed throughout the house, the pets could accidentally injury themselves or break any priceless glass or documents. During your move, either of these may result in a tense situation. Therefore, keeping them caged in a cosy pet home or giving them to a pet sitter is a safe strategy. Make sure, nevertheless, that they treat your dogs with the utmost respect.

Check the boxes for your pets

You might not be able to unpack everything at once after moving. Therefore, it is important to prepare a separate box with only the necessities inside. Don't forget to pack a separate package for your dogs as well. Medications (if you take any), your veterinarian's phone number, pet food and water bottles, feeders, your pet's favourite blanket and toys, a collar, a litter box, poop bags, paper towels, etc. should all be included in the box.

The day of the move

It is always a good idea to leave your pets with a neighbour or friend while the movers and packers pack your belongings. It saves time and is safe for both workers and animals. Check for shifting in the pet-specific enclosure as well. Ask your moving firm for specific requirements if your pet has any unique needs and let them know before advance. Verify that they have adequate food and water to provide for your pet while you are relocating. Check to see if your pet can remain at ease within the cage as well. You must specify the necessary size for this based on your pet. Ask the drivers if the pets are comfortable while they are moving, and instruct them to drive slowly.

Are you concerned about how to relocate your pets? No longer, because we have you covered. The talented packers and movers at HappyLocate is a specialist co-op and guarantee that your pets are migrated securely.

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