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For some experienced players, they may have an enormous demand for Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. In fact, besides buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, there are also many ways to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed. Here are some things about how to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Sell Lumios Roots. Artisan Society will help players. Players can increase the chance of obtaining 1 extra item by 5% through the talent called “Improved Harvest”, and there is a 1% chance of obtaining 2 extra items when successfully harvesting. It will also help if players decorate armor with collection and mining speed gains so that they can harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting too much time. A single root is worth 150 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, so the price of the entire stock is 7500 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds (depending on the market price).

Some harvestable Lumios Root nodes can be found on the grass on the western hills north of the ancient amphitheater. Players may collect 50 complete stacks, but if they wish to continue their harvest adventure, then a simple jump to another channel will cause all nodes to refresh.

Cloth Scraps and Carzacor Treasure Map Fragments. If the players are accompanied by friends throughout the process, it will be much easier. If the player is playing alone, just choose an attacker of the area effect type to lead a group of mobs into a cluster so that they can be easily eliminated for loot. A piece of Cloth Scrap sells for 40 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, while Carcazor map fragments sell for about 110 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds each.

Go to the ancient amphitheater and look for the ferocious mushroom group that is battling the foot pads. All players need to do is to simply gather a group of these enemies and destroy them to get different loot, including mushroom hats, equipment, potions, cloth scraps, and treasure map fragments. The drop rate of cloth scraps is much higher than mushroom enemies, but the fragmentation rate of Carcazor’s treasure map is the same. Remember, players can also sell additional items on the Starseeds market, such as unbound scrolls and gears, and they can also get Bless Unleashed Seeds. Or they can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

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