Jaidev Shroff
by on May 26, 2023

Jaidev Shroff is the CEO of UPL Limited, a leading global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions. With his extensive experience and visionary leadership, Jaidev has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of UPL.

Under Jaidev's guidance, UPL Limited has become a key player in the Chemical & Agri-Inputs industry, serving farmers and stakeholders across the globe. Jaidev's strategic vision has focused on strengthening food security and promoting sustainable agriculture practices in over 130 countries.

UPL Limited, under Jaidev's leadership, offers world-class technologies and solutions that empower farmers to enhance productivity and optimize crop yields. The company's portfolio encompasses a wide range of innovative products in Seeds, Plant Nutrition, Crop Protection, and Post Harvest Food Preservation.

Jaidev Shroff commitment to excellence and his emphasis on innovation have propelled UPL Limited to the forefront of the industry. By constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development, UPL continues to deliver smart and sustainable solutions to the global farming community.

Furthermore, Jaidev Shroff believes in the power of collaboration and forging strong partnerships across sectors. He actively engages in global development initiatives, working alongside organizations such as the World Economic Forum's Grow Africa and Grow Asia programs, IFPRI's Sustainable Agriculture and Global Food Security Initiative, WBCSD, Chicago Council, IGD, and ICAR. Through these partnerships, Jaidev strives to address critical challenges and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture on a global scale

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