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The Indian educational system is very intimidating and there is an endless wave of competition and a never ending rat race to become the next super star in whatever field is chosen. In this race students often get influenced by their peers, parents, relatives, media etc.

To take a right decision is to be aware of one’s interest and not to doubt on it. We have many success stories that came into being because those great personalities followed their gut and believed themselves.

4 Main Points To Remember While Choosing A Course

  1. Do Not Get Influenced by Media

    Media has been playing a major role in everyone’s life and in the present scenario it is every easy to get brainwashed by it. Now days it projects everything with filters i.e. in an exaggerated manner as a result students get influenced by their glamour, luxury and fame.

  2. Understand The Pressure

    It is quite normal to feel pressurized from people in choosing the right course. Most of the students feel parental pressure as their concern, which is true but then we all have met students who take it as their responsibility to choose the course of their parent’s choice and end up struggling in cope up with the subject.

  3. Consider Self Interest
    If you have any interest in a particular subject or field and if you were able to give high performance in that subject then there are high chances that it would be the most accurate subject for you after 10+2.

  4. Have a sneak peak in the Real World

    When it comes to choosing the right course for self it is extremely important that the student seeks professional help from either a counsellor, teacher or even a senior. This gives a student clarity over the course in a better way.

  5. Make a Detailed Flow Chart
    Before choosing the subject make a rough but a detailed flow chart for the path you want to pursue. List all the skills that you may need to reach your goal and also study and list all the possible subject that will provide you the way ahead. This will help you to make a better decision while choosing among many.

Popular College Courses

  • Engineering

  • architecture

  • Biological and medical sciences

  • Mass media

  • Law

  • Accountancy

  • journalism

  • design etc.

Career Options Open to You

  1. AnthropologistHe/she undertakes the scientific study of origin, behavior and physical, socio-cultural development of humans. It is a new discipline which has its origin in colonial era. It helped Europeans to understand the lifestyle, socio-cultural behavior and thinking of the non-Europeans.

  2. Bio Medical EngineerBiomedical engineers combine engineering techniques with medical science in order to produce devices or discover methods to solve health related issues. They are specialists who can develop artificial organs and other instruments that are necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of a disease.
    They can be employed in medical research institutions, government regulatory agencies, hospitals, teaching institutions.

  3. AnthropologistCeramic Engineers deal with the study of the properties, manufactures, design and applications of ceramic materials. Ceramic technologists use their scientific knowledge to anticipate the new applications to replace the existing products.
    They find work in manufacturing industries and also in sales for understanding customer needs and project their requirements to guide further researcher

  4. Company Secretary
    The knowledge and training acquired by company secretaries make them versatile to carry out various functions in finance, accounts, legal administration etc.
    Qualified company secretaries can find well paid positions in the private sector and public corporate sector, banks and financial institutions, government departments. The larger the company and the wider its field activity, the better the emoluments earned by the CS.

  5. Investment Banker
    An investment banker helps organizations raise funds and manage their investments, after intricate financial analysis and market trends.
    One of the most popular career options, investment banking is emerging as a money-spinning alternate that provides ample opportunities. With globalization the scope of investment banking has widened.

  6. Market Researcher
    Market research is a fairly new discipline, which is growing by leaps and bounds. The presence of market research team has become inevitable for any industry in the present scenario because of growing uncertainty of consumer behavior.
    Market researcher find job in consultancy firms, auditing firms, corporate organizations; research firms etc. aspirants are offered good money when they join.

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