by on July 15, 2022

Usually updates for games like MMORPGs are based on the number of players, and the game changes around the majority of players. Updates come in big and small, and if the game changes a lot, players will make a sound of dissatisfaction. The Elder Scrolls Online recently rolled out an update with a major change, and players have been furious about it.

The Elder Scrolls Online has released its latest update, Update 35, following the release of the Takashimaya expansion. This update changes a lot of the core game content, and the developers nerfed the damage value for many class characters. Someone extremely opposed players in the community to such a change, and ZeniMax’s The Elder Scrolls Online creative director said players should judge after experience.

Players may want a fairer duel with bosses in the game. Each player has their own opinions on some ESO updates, which cannot satisfy all players’ opinions.

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