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For many ESO players, completing the task is the most important part of the game. Of course, players can get some ESO Gold and other rewards by completing these tasks. For players of different levels, there are different tasks suitable for them. Here are some tasks suitable for intermediate players (levels 20 to 40).

Vaerminas Gambit. Location: High Rock, Stormhaven. Level: 21. Goal: Defeat Daedric prince Vaermina and free King Emeric. When the task involves facing the Death Prince in person, players will know that things have become real. In the process of this task chain, players must face and defeat Vaermina, who is the most vicious of the Daedric princes. Players can buy ESO Gold to enhance their strength. In the previous mission, the players discovered that her spouse, an entity called Night Terror, had captured the mind of King Emeric, which is what a Daedric prince called Queen of Nightmares would do. Defeat her spouse, end her evil plan, and become a hero.

The Summer Site. Location: Malabar Tor in Valenwood. Level: 33. Goal: Investigate the Falinesti Summer Site. The entire concept of a settlement without a fixed location is already mysterious and unfamiliar. This is part of the quest line that guides the player to discover the secrets of the walking city. Obviously, this wooded city would often appear in Tamriel in the past, rising from the verdant forest and then disappearing. Disappeared for centuries and suddenly reappeared. I don’t know if it’s a long absence or suddenly reappears. Of course, the city took away its residents, but it also left some people behind. Players with enough ESO Gold may have the advantage. There are few battles in this mission chain, but there are many investigations and the drama in them is very interesting.

Unearthed. Location: The Rift, Skyrim. Level: 38. Goal: Explore and investigate a tomb, find the relic, and find Vigrod to warn him. This is not only a classic exploration and acquisition mission in a damp and dangerous tomb, players can also become an archaeologist and discover the mysteries of ancient ruins through the remains they must find. There is also a modern political perspective involving a mine and a group of pesky rebels called Reachmen. Another reason this mission is so great is that it brings players back to the land of the Nords, which may be the best Bethesda has in recent years. Game background. Players can buy ESO Gold For Sale to quickly enhance their strength and complete some hard tasks.


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