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The choice between the three factions of New World can be a complicated decision. Here's everything players need to know prior to starting.

 It was the time when the MMO was a niche product for gamers who were hardcore. Today, it's an entire New World, and Amazon's move into massively multiplayer gaming is receiving lots of interest. It is distinct from other games in a variety of unique ways that captivate players and keep them captivated. The traditional method of leveling makes progress easy to follow as well as the game provides an abundance of thrilling survivalist action.

 The majority of MMOs feature conflicting or asymmetrical factions. Players either selecting a side as part of their character creation process or after advancing some levels in the game. For instance, in New World, there are three factions that are fighting for control of Aeterneum. The players can choose between the enthusiastic Covenant, the ambitious Mauraders, or the mysterious Syndicate. Note that each server is unique when it comes to which factions have control over which regions, and that has some influence on the one which players choose.

 There are a myriad of motives to be a part of a group, and it's essential to experience the full in-game features available. When the player has battled to get from the wreck on the shore to the nearest hamlet located in Monarch Bluffs, First Light, or any other of the Territories designed for beginners between levels 1 and 25, they'll either have reached or be close to reaching level 10.

 Once the player hits level 10, they'll be given an assignment from a man located in the town's middle known as Urbanus Bixford. The quest is known as "Commitment in the Cause," and requires the player to conduct relevant research and then join a faction. Each hamlet within every region, no matter who manages it, has a an official representation from each faction. They are happy to hand every player all the relevant documents.

 Before making your decision, keep in mind all of the following factors that could impact how powerful, influential, or useful each alliance would be for a particular character. The specific territories that each faction is in flux as well as the player's participation to a faction determines the ability of their character to fish, farm, or hunt in these areas as well. This means that Aetereum appears differently on every server in New World, so the players' choice of which faction they belong to is greatly on the server they choose.

 Each Territory has a fort, which functions as the faction's control point for the region. The map shows who controls which forts, as well as those that are in dispute. The more players belonging to one faction are present inside the fort, the more time that faction will have over the fort and the area if they win. In order to gain entry into an area, a player is required to be flagged as PvP. The flag can be easily turned off and off by pressing by pressing the "u" key.

 The players of the dominant faction are granted a 5% increase on their XP gain when playing and an additional 20% for their influence gain within the territory. This is like "grinding reputation" a common experience in other MMOs such as World of Warcraft. New World is a game where New World, players can also access specific items, rewards and other quests by having friends at the top of the pyramid.

 The process of declaring War in New World is a fairly complex process. It begins with a company or which is the New World version of a guild, declaring war on a Territory. There are 12 territories that form The vast Island of Aetereum and War is able to only be declared upon the territory that is currently in conflict. How that happens involves Influence and the New World version of reputation, and the opposing factions.

 A state of Conflict occurs when an opposing Faction has gained 100% Influence in the territory, usually by having enough pertinent PvP missions. War is the process of taking over the enemy Fort in the opposing Territory and a mission that involves Siege engines and cannons as well as a variety of other things for the event.

 Being part of an Faction does not mean doing chores and getting beat up in a battle. Members can avail unique benefits depending on the side they decide to choose, including currency for new gear and accessories. When a player rises in rank with their Faction and can buy higher quality gear in the Faction's Shop.

 Different factions offer a variety of armor sets that players can purchase with currency earned from doing the specific quests for the faction. A majority of these are PvP and geared towards PvP, but players can also gather resources and explore unknown areas to earn cash. The higher rank a player has with their Faction and the higher quality equipment they'll have access to.

 Faction Colors: Gold yellow, orange.

 Basic Philosophy: This faction emerged from the rubble on that beach with a determination to do good. The Covenant is the name of the faction that is for players who aim to rise as passionate warriors to fight back and battle corruption. Players who play Lawful Good characters in RPGs will be drawn to their role. The mission of the Covenant is not just to cleanse the nation of the mysterious force that has been leaking out of it, but to cleanse it of moral lapses or vices. The greed of Marauders must be held under control. And what dangerous secrets are the Syndicate keeping hidden?

 Tier Sets and Ranks: Tier Sets and Ranks: Covenant armor sets come with names that evoke a historical religious order. The Initiate ranks as the lowest level and is wearing Tier I. Templar is Tier II, which is followed by Excubitor in Tier 3 and Lumen at Tier IV. The Adjudicator ranks second in rank in Tier 5. The most powerful and highest rank is Inquisitor, whose gear is also considered Tier 5 however it's of Epic quality instead of Rare.

 Faction Colors: Purple blue white.

 The basic philosophy of knowledge is more than just power. It's money, prestige, in addition to social position. In the Syndicate, it's all about prestige and money. Syndicate has its sights set upon Intelligence and Focus, two of the score that governs the use of magic items. Thus, this faction attracts magic users however, it is also able to extend to other builds of characters too. Anyone interested in espionage, as an instance, would feel home in the Syndicate. The majority of Factions have their members take on quests and be promoted in levels, but it is more complex when it comes to the Syndicate that provides players with a specific set of quests to follow as part of the Initiation process. Every Tier advancement is comprised of a Trial and they generally require a of the level 20 or greater. Pay attention to the other factions as you progress through levels and training to discover their secrets and defy their plans.

 Tier Sets, Ranks and Tiers The ranks that are awarded to rank members of the Syndicate resemble those of an old secret society. Adepts are the newest members, and start at Tier I. Scrivener follows at Tier II, Chronicler at Tier III, Cabalist at Tier IV and finally, Alchemists at Tier V.

 Function Colors Green and various shades.

 Basic Philosophical Principles: The Marauders have a refreshingly simple philosophy. Aetereum is designed for commercial as well as personal profits, and this faction is here to exploit it. That could mean natural resources as well as magical knowledge, real estate, whatever the land has to offer. This Faction is fairly strict in its approach to advancement, and requires that players reach the reputation cap before they can undertake the first trials and earn an initial rank. There's no code of conduct to adhere to, no divine purpose -- just plain old-fashioned burn, shoot, and create as much as is possible. Take some equipment and set out on your own And don't fret about what different factions are doing.

 Tier Sets and Ranks Tier Sets and Ranks: Marauders are often compared to a military force. in terms of organization and discipline. That might be true, but only when the army consisted of brutal the mercenaries. In the first Tier I grade is Soldier and the titles become more dramatic following the rank. Tier II ranks Gladiator, then Ravager when you reach Tier III and Destroyer at Tier IV and then Commander with Tier V. Like in the Covenant Faction there's an even higher rank known as Legatus. This rank is also considered Tier V but has Epic quality rather than.

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