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When you are playing alone, you must have a very suitable class, because all the enemies will focus on you, so a class with a large area of ​​AOE damage is perfect for you. This can greatly increase the efficiency of our kills, resulting in loot and Lost Ark Gold For Sale.

So far, the Best Solo Class of Lost Ark and the Best Solo PvE class of Lost Ark are Berserkers. At the same time, his damage is the highest of all senior fighters, earning him the title of the best solo class in Lost Ark.

Berserkers are able to deal a lot of damage while using various abilities, which can increase efficiency. Not only that, but many of Berserker's abilities are able to throw enemies away with ease. Although Berserker lacks mobility, he is more mobile than Gunlancer and Paladin.

Additionally, Berserker is a particularly novice-friendly profession. Their skills are simple, and due to their relatively high defense, Berserkers are less prone to misses than classes like Deathblade.

Berserker comes with Fury Identity. Basically, you have a bar of Fury or Rage that fills up in battle. If you activate it, you will enter Burst Mode. It can provide you with self-buffs that give you higher movement speed, attack power, and critical strike chance, greatly increasing the speed at which you destroy enemies.

Because of all these points, Berserkers deserve the Lost Ark Best Solo Class and Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class titles.

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