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Some great features this year aren't coming to every platform

Madden 23 is just a few weeks away from its release date, and the next-gen platform will usher in a new year of exclusive new features.
However, many are wondering if this will continue to expand to PC for Madden 23 when it didn't do so last year.
Although it doesn't make much sense, EA is still limiting the next-gen new features to the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.
This means that this year's PC gamers won't be getting the massive upgrades and updates that the new FieldSENSE system has.
Both consoles will get new animations and physics, but unfortunately, players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will still be stuck with last year's game engine.
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EA hasn't officially commented on the lack of such next-gen features on PC, but its rival 2K has said: "This is something the team is keen to work on and will continue to investigate further into what's possible for future franchises. The focus now is to ensure that the NBA 2K23 has been optimized in the new consoles PS5, Xbox Series X|S), and in addition to that, it is necessary to ensure that players on other platforms have a sense of freshness and innovation.”
What new features will Madden 23 have over the current generation?

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Even if FieldSENSE's game improvements won't be available to all players, hopefully Madden 23 can still give current-generation players access to some new features.

With a few weeks to go before launch, there are still a lot of details to delve into about the franchise mode and other details of the game.
Franchise is getting an upgrade in the form of MUT 23 Coins a contract feature that we haven't been familiar with since Madden 15.
Then, as of now, there are a few other things we don't know other than that current generation players can also enjoy Madden 23's features.
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