by on November 26, 2021

The Companies mechanism in New World has certain drawbacks, because the Governors and Consuls of Companies can rob and escape at will with no consequences. In addition, the many bugs of New World also make players quite dissatisfied. Players waste a lot of New World Coins because of poor progress to repeated failures. Sometimes, the game design itself has problems.

One issue deeply rooted in game design is the way New World Coins operate in the guild. Basically, players in the guild (called the company in New World) transfer the New World Gold they collected into the company’s vault. This is how the company builds base towns, pays for wars with other companies, and improves the lives of its members. However, the only players who have access to Buy New World Coins are the Governor (the leader of a company) and their consuls. This means they can easily walk into the company’s vault, take all the money, and leave. Essentially, the player is being robbed by his own guild.

With the addition of server jumps, this problem has become more serious. A player can steal the wealth of the entire guild, jump on another server, and then disappear forever. Many people do this or give money to a new role in another alliance. Players no longer trust the company, and this problem has become one of the many pain points that players have not solved for Amazon Game Studio. Although this is not the main reason why players requested to merge the New World server, it is undeniable that the merger will at least make it more difficult for those thieves to escape.

It is true that at least one player did this because of a misunderstanding and returned the gold medal, but this is largely the exception rather than the norm. Others who carry out this type of robbery do so because it is difficult to get New World Gold on many New World servers. This is also what makes gold duplication so attractive and a problem, leading players to call for a permanent ban on duplicators. So far, developers have not found an actual solution to the problems of the new world economy, and many other complaints about the game have not been answered.

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