by on November 27, 2021

Arc Totems is always one of the easiest introductory builds in Path of Exile. Totems will naturally re-trigger the players’ active skills, providing multiple ways to cause damage at the touch of a button. One of the best ways to make Arc Totem skills work is in Templar. In fact, for some beginners, they can use this build besides buying POE Currency.

Arc Templar requires players to enter Hierophant Ascendency, because it provides players with better Arcane damage, mana and improved Totem usage. Players will use them as the main damage tool, which has a very good ratio to Arc Totems. More players will use POE Orbs to increase damage. The core features of Ascendency include Pursuit of Faith, which adds +1 extra totem, as well as totem duration and placement speed. In addition, players need The Cruel Labyrinth trait, because it can increase the damage of each totem, while better restoring their health and mana.

The advantage of this build is that the cost of building and playing games is very low. Because Totem gear is easier to get and cheaper to run than others. The other gems and skills they need are Elemental Focus, Added lightning damage, and lightning penetration to increase Arc Totems’ damage. Players can also use some useful POE Items in the game to enhance their strength.

Players can also use Arcane surges, and other skills to increase damage. For boss battles, they need Assassins Mark to increase damage to the target, and Summon Lightning Golem to provide additional support for difficult encounters. They also need to put Dash in their boots so that they have great mobility. This is a very practical build that has been practiced fully, so players can to try it. If the players are not at ease, they can also prepare enough POE Currency to enable them to develop better.

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