by on September 10, 2021

Developer Neowiz Games implemented a new patch for Bless Unleashed. Although it is not a content update, it does introduce a large number of bug fixes, including some bug fixes for classes. This is intended to be optimized for the game. In addition, players can also buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get a better experience in the game.

Class-specific fixes. Some players with a career as a wizard may notice that certain skills do not work as expected. Players may find that Mana Conduit will not refresh correctly when the skill is cast within 30 seconds after the last cast. Players may also see automatic spellcasting. The hold function is not applicable to Concentrate and Frost Armor. Fortunately, they have been fixed in the recent update, and the developer has also added some descriptions for certain professional skills to better explain their effects. If players have purchased Bless Unleashed Star Seeds , their damage will be greatly increased.

Patch highlights. In addition to class-specific fixes, the developers also implemented UI and task fixes. CRUSADER. The Crusader's counterattack skill will interrupt the combo when used during the combo. Fixed the issue that using skills in a combo would not interrupt the combo. BERSERKER. The "Rushing Storm" blessed by the "Gift of Valor" of the Berserker will be consumed when hitting an enemy with Whirlwind. Fixed an issue where the skill description stated that the stack would be consumed when using Whirlwind. MAGE. Fixed an issue where the duration of the wizard's "Blizzard" skill was incorrectly increased when the "Mark of the Wolf" effect of the "Frost Wolf" blessing was added. Players can prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to purchase better equipment and mounts.

Bless Unleashed can now be used. Interested players can check relevant news and some strategies on IGGM. They can also Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to improve themselves. Go!

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