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Madden's video game franchise has long been an inseparable part of the NFL. Fans can't wait every year to see what their favorite team or favorite player will say, and Jacksonville Jaguars fans should be excited because their Christian Kirk, Marvin Jones Jr., and Evan Engram Both scored over 80 on Madden 23. In Madden, good players often need a lot of coins to buy, so how can you get a lot of Madden 23 Coins quickly? I have a solution for this - UTnice, as an old third-party trading site, UTnice has a lot of cheap and safe coins, through which you can easily get your favorite players.

Madden recently released the stats for this year's wide receivers and tight end guards. The Jags didn't have a single player in the top 10 at either position, but Jones, with an 82 rating and Kirk and Engram both 81, was about to have his worst year. Even so, you never hear any Jags fans complain about the players. Madden's developer, EA, is sometimes unfair, and some players' scores don't quite match the facts. The Jags, in particular, have the most well-rounded wide receiver team, so you won't see this team at the top of the points rankings.

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence has a slew of plans for 2022
In fact, in the Mdden game, the Jacksonville Jaguars are powerful at both receiver and tight end. During this offseason, the team's top management has been very good in both areas. The offense is expected to be driven by Christian Kirk, Zay Jones and Evan Engram.

Shenault is also expected to play his role in mid-2022, so that leaves a lot of room for Trevor Lawrence. If the offensive line can give him enough time to pitch, the Jacksonville Jaguars should double their win total last year.

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