by on July 23, 2022

We all know Lost Ark is a very fun multiplayer game, but it's just as exciting as a single-player game, and now I'll introduce you to a good candidate for single-player.

We all know that Paladin is especially suitable as a support, and in fact he can also be a good solo career. Because they are a type of warrior, Paladin can also deal a lot of damage. At the same time, a book he carries allows him to cast spell damage, helping you eliminate a large number of enemies, allowing you to gain Lost Ark Gold and rare loot.

This book allows Paladin to cast a series of spells, allowing him to gain stat buffs to aid in battle. So Paladin can not only be used as an auxiliary occupation, but also can be used as a high damage processing occupation.

Just like other fighter classes, Paladin can take massive damage and go unscathed. This feature makes Paladin very powerful.

In addition to this, the shield provided by Paladin can negate up to 50% of the damage. With this skill, you can greatly expand the attack range or enhance the Paladin's spell characteristics to get higher damage. .

On top of that, unlike Berserker, Paladin is more difficult to pick up. Still, if you're looking for a class with high shields, Paladin is definitely the best solo class in Lost Ark.

The above is the recommendation for Lost Ark as a career. If you have a different opinion, you can explore it yourself. Hope my suggestion helps you. If you want to buy Lost Ark Gold you can buy it at IGGM as it is more reliable and convenient. Happy gaming.

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