by on November 29, 2021

The New World economic system has long returned to normal. Last month, the player-driven economy of New World was shut down on two different occasions because of the system’s problems caused by the replication bug in the game. Now, the developer Amazon Game Studios is detailing how it deals with people who abuse vulnerabilities and the economic problems these malicious actors cause in the new developer update.

The remaining deceived items will continue to damage the experience of many players. It does not affect all players or the game itself equally, and has a more significant impact on players who pursue the final game goals and equipment. Amazon apologizes for the impact this has had on some of the most dedicated players. Compared with players who can easily get many items by cheating with bugs, those who work hard to play are more worthy of generous rewards.

Amazon stated that over 1,200 players have been banned for abusing various coin/item duplication loopholes. The few repetitive items remaining in the game economy result from players who accidentally discovered this problem but did not take exploitative actions, so it will not ban them. After the item duplication vulnerabilities were exposed, the number of high-level equipment did not increase significantly, most of which have been deleted because they have banned accounts with Amazon New World Coins from being used.

Developers are currently working to improve response time and will be alert to players who violate the rules of the game. They are tirelessly continuing to investigate and prevent future deceptions by correcting or replacing game systems that may be attacked. Amazon’s MMORPG recently gained a public testing area where players can try out upcoming game updates. Upcoming game updates include battle balance updates and regional server transfers. Players can go to IGGM and use code “Thanks” to get 5% off to buy New World Coins before that.

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