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Amazon Game Studios’ New World has been one of the most expected and controversial editions of this year. The amount of hype surrounding this game made it reach a historical peak of 913,027 concurrent players on Steam a few days after its release. So many players are crossing Aeternum, and many players are committed to buying New World Gold to upgrade. But slowly some players discovered many secrets on the island. New World’s Ghost Ship is one secret.

The main hook of New World is simple because it can be reused indefinitely: on the mysterious island of Aeternum, the basic rules of life and death do not apply, and anyone who comes close to it will be affected. This includes players, NPCs, and human opponents, but it also affects animal, tree, and other plant life. New World players must keep in mind the type of enemy when customizing their combat methods and then spend New World Gold to achieve their desired combat mode. But now Aeternum’s curse can even touch inanimate objects. Or maybe the ghost ship, like many other ghost ships in rumor, was never truly lifeless.

The ghost ship in New World has been observed by many players, and most of them were fishing. It takes the form of an old-fashioned sailing ship, emitting a weird green light. No one seems on board this ship, just like a ghost ship in real life. It was found in the First Light of the Saircor Bridge at night, although it usually disappears quickly when it appears. This may also scare the fish away, but most players seem to think that this is a fair deal to witness such a rare event.

Curious players can find three legends scattered around Aeternum, which seem to refer to the Ghost Ship, including “Sighting the Ghost Ship”, “Legend of the Vendetta” and “A Cautionary Tale”. No matter which version it is, players are looking forward to discovering more similar interesting secrets in the future. They are also more willing to spend New World Gold for a better gaming experience.

In New World, there are actually many players that need to be explored and discovered. In addition, if players want to know more about New World, they can read the guide and buy New World Gold at IGGM. There are two days left for IGGM’s Thanksgiving discount event. The discount is 5%, and the discount code is “Thanks”.

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