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Cryptocurrency exchange clone script allows you to build crypto exchange platform easily and quickly. Here, you can prefer White-label or Ready-made script as per your business requirement. By using a white label crypto exchange clone script, you can deploy a fully functional & feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange and you can customize based on market trend to better suit the needs. By using this ready-made clone script, you can kick start your own cryptocurrency exchange instantly with less effort.

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The cryptocurrency exchange industry is now booming with many new crypto exchanges popping up every day. In addition, a large number of newbies are entering the blockchain sector in order to make maximize profits. Crypto exchanges and blockchain technology are currently the trends in the digital age. Buying, selling, and trading crypto assets has become a common occurrence as a result of this latest trend.

In recent days, one major thing that has enlightened many companies and entrepreneurs interested in starting a cryptocurrency exchange is White-Label crypto exchange software. As a result, creating your crypto trading platform is a profitable and simple method to become a Crypto Exchange Entrepreneur.

Before the thought of launching a crypto exchange platform, make sure checkout the laws and regulations of your country where you plan to launch a crypto exchange platform. Some countries have restricted cryptocurrencies and some countries are allowing people to trade cryptocurrencies like the US, Canada, India, Singapore, Japan and so on.

We Coinjoker, have top Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script, such as

Let's see one by one,

Binance Clone Script - Start a Exchange Website like Binance !

The next is the most populated crypto exchange is “Binance” which operates worldwide and supporting virtual currencies in large number. It tops the 12th rank in coinmarketcap chart in terms of trading volume. If you are having a idea to design a platform like Binance, take a look at our clone script with the advanced features.

1. Network, hardware security and data setup.

2. KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions for more security.

3. Two-Factor Authentication for platform users.

4. AES Encryption prevention and installation.

5. Highly responsive website for unlimited trading and cryptocurrency pair.

6. Authenticated wallet integration for both online and offline storage.

7. Bitcoin exchange market price API integration.

8. Margin trading and lending option.

9. Entire control of user funds, deposits, withdrawal limits, and the trade history, order book.

10. Built with Coinpayments API, Block chain API and Bit pay API.

11. Affiliate management system.

12. Supporting international languages.

13. Multi trade order types (market order, limit order, stop order.etc)

14. Guaranteed technical support for installation and setup.

15. Listing of new coins and ICO is available in the script.

16. Order advertisement module- When user signed up in the platform, the next step is to post a requirement of coins in terms of order.

17. Coin conversion module - Helps to convert the Bitcoin into any altcoins and vice versa.

18. IOTA trading available.

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