by on July 29, 2022

If NBA 2k23 wants to improve the player experience and redefine its leadership in sports gaming, it only needs to make some improvements to some of the gameplay in the game.
When NBA 2K23 is set to launch this fall, it will undoubtedly be the best-selling basketball game ever. NBA 2K has been an NBA franchise for a decade, and that's likely going to continue for a long time. However, as many 2k veterans have pointed out recently, the game has stalled. As the version progresses, the games released every year don't give people a brand new feel, but seem to be slightly improved from the previous version. While the game modes are fun, the game of basketball still has a lot of room for improvement.

A problem that has plagued NBA 2K for several years can be solved with a simple solution. The 2K series made the offense feel on par with the NBA, but its defense needed a lot of improvement, and NBA 2K23 needed some immediate changes if 2k didn't want to be as outdated as previous NBA Live.
The first and most pressing issue in NBA 2k is shot blocking. Blocking is supposed to be the most exciting thing about defense in the NBA, but it doesn't feel that way in the game. In the NBA, players usually defend with good teamwork and man-to-man tactics, which allow players to take some uncontrollable shots, which usually result in exciting blocks. But in 2K, the only type of block that players can consistently provide is the chase block, which, while excellent, is not representative of how games work in the NBA. Even the highest-scoring players in NBA 2K will find that their role in the game doesn't tarnish their defensive reputation, and players need to get paid for making poor offensive decisions. It is believed that if the blocks can be improved, the quality of the game will be greatly improved, and players will not simply press dunks or layups after completing the drive to get some seemingly uninteresting points. If you want to get the best dunk, then the player with explosive bounce is definitely the foundation you need, so NBA 2K23 MT becomes an indispensable thing, UTnice can provide you with a lot of cheap NBA 2K23 MT come here you will Discover many unexpected surprises.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam

For those unfamiliar, it needs to be explained that the speed boost is the best enhancement to make NBA 2K dribble, it allows players with good ball control to move faster than others, similar to Kyrie Irving compared to other players Say it faster. But in the competitive MyPlay mode, the speed boost allows some players to gain competitiveness that affects the fairness of the game. In theory, every type of player should have aspects that are stronger than others, but the increase in speed makes the smaller and faster players too prominent, and once they have a high enough score, they will become impossible block. In MyTEAM players usually need strong players to win, but this requires a lot of NBA 2K23 MT, so becomes your indispensable partner, there are a lot of cheap and reliable MT, there is no doubt that The best way to get the players you desire.

Related to the speed boost is the shooting animation. In the past, 2K has made open shots in games completely better than forced ones. Players have become adept at finding ways to have shorter shot animations to help them build an advantage in MyPlay, meaning that if there is no defender in front of them, the offense can quickly get open shots without the defender getting caught. interference or influence. All NBA 2K23 needs to do is remove the animation advantages, or try to minimize their impact on the gameplay.

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