by on December 2, 2021

Although Amazon has now fixed the gold copy bug in New World, another problem has appeared, which has caused dissatisfaction among some players. After the update of New World, some players on EU servers found that their accounts unexpectedly added 300,000 New World Gold Coins, but not all players have them. This makes those players who did not receive unexpected gold coins feel unbalanced.

Those players who received unexpected rewards Buy New World Coins to buy many items and props. But you know that the economic system of New World is already very fragile after experiencing the turmoil some time ago, and the developers do not want the recent profligacy to affect the economic system again. The decision they made was to take the server offline and then roll back time.

This is not all smooth sailing. Although the developers got everything back to normal, many players felt like they had a dream. They looked at their accounts and they were still empty, as usual. There is no scene where many people squandered on the trading station. The problem seems to only affect servers in the Central European Union. But for the development team of New World, this Thanksgiving is really difficult.

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