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Gridanian Walnut is a culinary item in FFXIV, including walnut bread that can be used to make Walnut Bread, Baklava, Nut Bake, and collectible Rarefied Baklava. Rarefied Baklava has a special purpose to grow Purple Crafters' Scrips, which are primarily the currency required for premium commodities from Endwalker's Scrip Exchanges, as opposed to FFXIV Gil.

As the name suggests, we first have to find the Gridanian Walnut Final Fantasy XIV which can be explored in Black Shroud in Eorzea. Specifically, players can find Nuts in South Shroud, in the jungle in the southwest corner of Quarrymill Aetheryte. Once we reach level 25 they should be collected without difficulty.

Leonceault was found in Elezen in Old Gridania. Players can start their journey as Disciples of the Land as long as they are equipped with the proper gathering gear. Once we reach level 25, a quick way to harvest Gridanian Walnuts is to complete the quest given to us by the botanist, which requires the adventurer to turn in three items. A quick and easy way to solve these FFXIV level quests is to buy a lot of items from the Market Broad and then repeat the quests until the quest is complete. After reaching level 25, players can go to South Shroud to collect their Gridanian Walnuts.

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