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Oldak will inform you that Zanik will get better over time, but it takes some time. Visit Thaerisk in Cheap OSRS Gold Falador Castle to learn that Lucien was discovered. It was discovered that an island lies north of the wilderness. Teleporting there is not advisable as there could be antiteleportation spells. 
It is necessary to construct an inflatable boat using 14 planks and 200 nails of any kind, and 200 screws. There is a place to launch your boat close to the Rogues Castle. It will be waiting for you at the hands of the White Knights so that you can eat more food.

Get on the boat and head to the center of the island which is which is where Hazeel Zemouregal and Enakhra are situated. Lucien will be aware of the presence of you and will strike to show his fellow friends the new abilities that he's possessed. 

You'll die if do not turn off the Protect from Magic. The cutscene starts at the point that Lucien is at 50 percent health. Lucien blocks your prayer and beats you. Summer Bonde, Spirit of Summer is suddenly seen and will rekindle your faith. She will discuss the importance of never losing faith, even when you are in danger.

Lucien is mocked by the Mahjarrat group for having been prevented by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will strike Summer and then send her running. The White Knights will teleport you into the area and then pull you out with heavy casualties. Your character will say that Lucien was not as sick as Salarin said that he was. Sir Amik Varze, the gnome ambassador, will come up to RuneScape Gold 2007 him and request an appointment with Temple Knights. He will then instruct Tiffy Cashien to talk to him.

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