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Almost all of us are excited about the release of the new game, but we want to know more about some of the gameplay in NBA 2K23.
After seeing the first trailer reveal of the new animation, we saw the new shooting shot meter, what else to look forward to?

The latest news on NBA 2K23 gameplay

NBA 2K23 MyTeam
As new games get closer to us, more NBA 2K23 gameplay is constantly being revealed, and of course the most desirable thing to see is the dribble mechanics being changed.
The trailer doesn't tell us much, but some accounts have revealed that this year's NBA 2K23 will be much slower than NBA 2K22.
The trailer is overlaid with comments from players, most of them wanting to see some new content in NBA 2K23, with the void dribble mechanic getting the most attention. In My TEAM mode, players can form their own team, but this usually requires a lot of NBA 2K23 MT, so I recommend you to take a look at the MT here has the lowest price in the entire network, and at the same time it has security that can be guaranteed.

Happily, if the game slows down, those crap dribbling moves won't do much, making for a more realistic experience for players.
Considering that we haven't seen reports of the new shooter yet, we're going to take the leaked information about the new shooter as real.
Compared to NBA 2K22's sharp-edged shot meter, the new shot meter is slightly rounder. As always the fill rate of the meter still depends on the jumper animation.
This leak was provided by NBA 2K23 Leaks & Intel on Twitter, who have been quite reliable in their previous leaks, so we believe this time is also true.

Let's take a look at some of the new animations for NBA 2K23 next.
New animations in NBA 2K23
In this trailer we can see some controversial shoving and shooting animations, it would be cool if some celebratory action could be equipped on your players. Imagine if you rely on your team's teamwork or singles to score in My TEAM, plus the celebration, it will undoubtedly set the audience on fire. But this often requires some strong players, so UTnice is your best bet, where you can buy a lot of cheap and safe NBA 2K23 MT

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