by on December 3, 2021

As Final Fantasy XIV surges in popularity during the summer months, millions of players who booked the expansion will try to log in to an already crowded server. The game developer warned of the impending overcrowding in a letter to the community. Although the current server has been optimized for a large number of new players and returning players, the lack of available hardware means that new worlds cannot be opened to accommodate a large number of players.

What the company has done is to replace existing servers with higher-performance machines, increase processor speed, and increase the number of simultaneous logins available across servers. These measures should help more players to go online at the same time, but it may also cause unforeseen problems with updating server hardware, so please be prepared for some server turmoil.

To help solve these problems, Square Enix will give priority to the owners of the full game, rather than those who participate in the ongoing free trial of Final Fantasy XIV, so if players are still testing the waters, now is a good time to decide whether to join. The new extended area of Endwalker for Final Fantasy XIV will be instantiated, which means that multiple copies of the same area will be generated to ensure smooth operation and reduce FFXIV Gil. Players will start from the server after 30 minutes of inactivity.

No matter how much Square Enix prepares, Endwalker's server situation will be terrible. Therefore, players may have to wait for a while at the beginning of the game. I suggest that players collect as many FF14 Gil in advance, in case there are various tasks when the game starts. Alternatively, players can also try to buy FFXIV Gil online.

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