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OK, I'm having difficulty with TDS. I went a while ago, and OSRS Gold I kinda got approximately 1-3 kills for each trip. I don't own any chaotic weapons. I have three karils (no deflector, I fail at conquest) whip, torso verac's skirt def, korasi's sword. No bandos or armadyl. Are there any recommendations for a solid set-up, or a good guide for my gear/stats? All the guides I found have 88+ summoning the chaos of DFS as well as other absurdly excessive demands.

There's no need to be a college to be able to achieve 15 kills or more per game, no matter your current level. I can tell you that today. Anything, typically some kind of teleportation because of the last thing I did Sometimes, however, Warriors/Archers. Ammo: Broads. I use them to kill 10+ times per round at 78 yards per cent range. They're affordable and not as bad as some believe.

I normally take 4 food items with me, including a whole tortoise of it as well as 12-15 prayer tea potions (damn these are a bit sluggish) and a tab for the house and a set of boosting pots, but not a defence, and a darklight. Oh and the lantern. You'll likely swap out items like CLS to Korasi's Sword or something (excellent 1handed stab weapon). I hope this will help, but I'm only able to remember the items I've used.

After finally completing The Fremennik Isles last night at around midnight (lmao), I kinda started to get into a questing mindset. I'm planning to do Monkey Madness (and the 2 quests you must complete before you can do it) and am wondering if i have the stats to do it relatively easily? Can I finish it without losing my life following the instructions? I'd probably be slashing every thing.

So I recently went F2P when I was away on vacation, and Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold I've decided that I'm going to earn 70 def before paying once more. I'm only about 38k off, but there are some issues: Quite obviously, I'm not f2p. Limits the number of monsters. You are aware. Space in the bank. I do not have any therefore I need to buy food by the inventory. I have about 600k remaining from my trip, so I can buy food should I need to.

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