by on September 14, 2021

One year after its release, Genshin Impact has the first player to venture into Rank60.

In order to show the great achievements of the players, user Revimy uploaded a short video of BiliBili of Chinese players on YouTube. In about two weeks, Genshin Impact will release its first anniversary, and this player’s Adventure Rank has reached its peak. According to Genshin Impact Account Buy Genshin Impact's five-year plan, although they are currently at the top, MiHoY may raise the upper limit of Adventure Rank in the future.

According to the experience of the old Genshin Impact players, when your level reaches 55, the required experience increases exponentially, so your Adventure Ranks will grow very slowly. According to calculations, if all the daily, event or mission adventure level XP has not been missed since the game was released, and only a few Original Resin refreshes, then you will reach Adventure Rank 58 at this time, and you need dozens Ten thousand XP can reach 60.

So how did this player reach Adventure Rank 60 so quickly? The daily Resin refresh can maximize the gain of additional experience, allowing them to clear more domains and bosses than most players. In addition, to get extra XP, you can also hunt Unusual Hilichurl ten times a day in a multiplayer game, complete daily random events generated in the world, or get extra XP in cooperative activities. These aspects add up to Buy Genshin Impact Accounts almost level 60. However, the player needs to spend most of his extra XP to buy extra resin.

So what are the rewards after reaching 60? In fact, there is nothing special. There are only some wishes, some Primogems and some enhancement materials for characters and weapons. Unless the Adventure Rank XP obtained in the future is converted into Mora, it has no effect. This method seems to double Mora's daily commission, but it is not worth it. For most players, they need more game-related things rather than such rewards.

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