by on August 4, 2022

Elden Ring is famous as a Soulslike game, which is characterized by brutally difficult combat mechanics and even more difficult boss encounters. It could be very diffcult for some first-time FromSoftware players, especially Radagon and Elden Beast.

However, it turns out that Elden Ring fans are not only up to Cheap Elden Ring Runes, they continue to develop creative playstyles to help them overcome obstacles. Passionate players are dedicated to Elden Ring and its challenges, hoping to discover every secret, defeat every monster and boss, collect every rune, and complete every mission in the game.

Redditor YourAverageGamer31 is such a passionate player as he accomplished an extremely difficult task - beating Radagon and Elden Beast with just one hit. If that's not enough, they'll do it in Journey 3. For those unfamiliar, Journey 3 is the equivalent of Elden Ring's new game++, as it's the third playthrough, which means all enemies have more health and more difficulty. Using the Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike and many different buffs, players can completely destroy both end-game bosses in an almost instant.

Of course, new players shouldn't see it as some cheesy way to beat these bosses - the only reason it works is because of the Elden Ring player's setup and build. The build the player is running is the following:

Gravel Seal (+15% Dragon Spell) Jellyfish Shield (+20% to all damage while using Contagious Fury) Golden Oath (+15% damage) Shabribri's Howl (+20% damage) Lightning Shroud Cracked Tears (+20% all Lightning Attacks) Godfrey Icon (+15% Charged Spell Damage) Red Branch Feather (+20% when low health) Lightning Scorpion Amulet (+12% Lightning Damage) Rotten Rapture (+20% when poisoned) Mushroom Crown (+10% when poisoned).

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