by on December 7, 2021

Square Enix released a huge list of Final Fantasy XIV changes, including the upcoming MMORPG expansion package Endwalker. One thing players need to know is that new Viera bunny boys will be lucky enough to be able to wear maid outfits. In addition, players also spend some FFXIV Gil to buy items in the game.

Endwalker will provide early access to players who pre-order the expansion pack on December 3rd, and will provide regular ol’ Joe Schmoe access to everyone else on December 7th. This is the biggest update of Final Fantasy XIV to date and the culmination of the storyline of A Realm Reborn that began in 2013. But as today’s patch shows, it will also introduce many cool little things between the epic narrative moment and the new curriculum.

All Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to equip Spring, Thavnairian, Maid, Loyal Maid, Butler and FFXIV Gil, regardless of gender. Another change related to clothing is the removal of belts that are part of the character's wardrobe. After Endwalker is released, belts will no longer be available for purchase, equipment, or trade, but they will still exist in the game.

Aether currents in areas introduced by previous updates will be reduced and reorganized, making it easier to unlock the mount’s ability to fly. The window through which players can combine skills has been added, and the range of healer limit breakthrough has almost doubled. Endwalker will bring players a different gaming experience, they can try to buy FF14 Gil at IGGM. 

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