by on August 5, 2022

Grinding Gear Games has just dropped their "Balance Manifesto" for the character balance changes in their upcoming 3.19 update "Kalandra Lake" coming out on August 19th. These aren't all the details of the new expansion, which will be revealed during the upcoming August 11 livestream, but what was revealed has not been well received by the PoE community. So in this post, we're going to explain the Kalandra 3.19 Lake of Exiles path reveal and why fans are unhappy.

What happens to Path of Exile details of Calandra Lake 3.19? Well, the short answer is nerfs. Nerfs are coming and we don't really know anything else. You'll have to read the balance change post in its entirety yourself if you want to know all the specifics, but in general, many skills and builds have been significantly nerfed.

Many of these nerfs, such as the extensive nerfs for minions and minion builds, are to be expected given the state of PoE's metadata over the months and months, but there aren't many new options and ways of building to give characters and players. Instead, it feels more like what was once powerful in 3.17 and 3.18 will remain largely the same in 3.19, just with fewer features and a more limited variety of builds.

The general drop in defense overall isn't particularly surprising, nor is it particularly welcome, and the removal of the passive mastery of mana efficiency will also effectively weaken quite a few builds, requiring players to understand this rather from them gain effects in equipment, which will inevitably cost POE PC Currency.

Again, the spirit of the upcoming changes to Path of Exile in general, at least those that have been announced, is that low-cost builds will become less effective and less powerful, and more expensive ones that require more investment the builds will function similarly or get smaller gains. For many fans, this is the wrong direction, as most POE players don't have the time to accumulate a lot of currency, even for the entire league. In that case, every player can buy POECurrency and Chaos Orb from Path of Exile supplier, they would provide fast and safe delivery service after you place order.

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