by on December 9, 2021

Like many other massively multiplayer online games, New World encourages players to collect resources from the environment, such as herbs, ore, leather, fish, and meat, which can be made into useful in-game items such as armor, Weapons, food, and potions. Or, they can sell resources to other players for New World Gold or other rare materials.

This usually leads to third-party programs that create automated processes, called “botting” in the community. The terms of most games explicitly prohibit these programs, but they still appear in any sufficiently popular MMO. Players can customize a scripted robot to help themselves collect resources, and they can have more free time to do other things.

The difference is, New World allows players to collect various types of New World Gold at the same time, which has created a unique deflation problem. Now, most importantly, its players report that the influx of robots on many servers has further reduced the value of in-game merchandise. The bad influence it caused some time ago is already obvious to all. Therefore, Amazon Game Studios also quickly adopted corresponding measures to curb this trend, that is, banning all New World accounts that conduct “botting”.

At present, players don’t have to worry too much about whether some terrible effects will affect them. As long as they do not involve robot behavior and play the game normally, it will not interfere with their natural process. By the way, if players hope to get greater happiness and achievement in New World, they can Buy New World Coins from IGGM, which will speed up their progress and help them achieve their goals easily.

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