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by on August 6, 2022

Knitting neat edges is a skill. It gives even the most basic patterns and projects a finished look. While working with any knitting needles there are many times you will be disappointed with your messy and crumpled edges. Luckily, it’s easy to knit neat edges while working on the project. It solves the need to pick up stitches and add borders later and go the extra effort with finishing needles. And, most importantly the results can be quite different depending on the kind of edge you go for!

Blankets, scarves, and other projects with visible edges look so much more finished and detailed if you add neat edging to them.

Tip 1: Tighten up your edge stitches

Tug on the yarn tightly when you knit the edge stitches (selvedges). We recommend that you experiment with this tension until you learn how tight you should be pulling the yarn strand to get neat edges. When you have the last stitch of the row, especially on circular knitting needles make sure it’s nice and tight. Keep this tight tug also after that you have turned your work over. If not, pull it tight before knitting the first stitch.

Tip 2: Slipped stitches add clean edges

Add two additional stitches when casting on. They will form a neat chain along the side of your knitting WIP. As the stitch is slipped from the knitting needle it stretches out over two rows and this will get rid of any loose stitches. Slip the first stitch of every row purlwise with yarn in back and purl the last stitch. This works for every stitch pattern. It is easy to do and looks really neat.

Tip 3: Add garter stitch edges

Garter stitches (knit stitches every row) help prevent stockinette and other patterns from curling and add a nice finish to the project. Add selvage stitches, on each side, for example four stitches on the first and last stitches on every row. This will add neat edges of garter stitch to your knitting. The extra stitches create a narrow band along the side.

You can also continue the methods 1 and 2 above with this technique.

Tip 4: Faux hemline with double stockinette

Add a faux hemline with double stockinette stitches. They are barely visible from the right side of the project and from the wrong side it looks like a hemline. Super easy to add in any project, this looks like a beautiful finish. Make sure there has to be an uneven number of edge stitches on each side.

Tip 5: Add i-cords as you knit

Adding an i-cord edging is also an easy step with guaranteed results to have a neat edge. I cords can be added with circulars as well as single pointed and double pointed needles, basically any needle you are working on the pattern. Knit it to the sides of your project directly instead of picking up stitches and doing it afterward. To add this edging you have to add six extra selvage stitches when you cast on your project, three for each side.

You add this i-cord edging to both sides as you’re knitting your main pattern. To see how this is going to turn out, you need to knit a couple of rows.

Hopefully, you try out these methods tested by knitting experts and bring that extra shine to your projects.

Happy knitting!

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