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The social element of WoW WoTLK Classic is WoTLK Classic Gold largely the reason that players who are dedicated to old servers are still playing. By trying to keep that as a guideline for which direction to take for WotLK, Blizzard is trying to preserve perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of WoW WoTLK Classic in comparison to retail WoW.

Also, ensuring that the system is accessible and familiarity "works to reduce the amount of changes we makesince familiarity is easily destroyed," according to the developer. "But it also inspires us to change things when a complicated system can be made more elegant and easier to comprehend."

In that regard in that regard, there is a change to the Emblem system in WotLK will be slightly adjusted and simplified. The final boss of each level of raid will drop an Emblem that can be used to purchase an item of gear that has power equal to those raids. There will also be Emblems that are dropped by dungeons or older raids which can be used to buy smaller-powered equipment.

Blizzard concluded its blog by reasserting its pillars and how they are interconnected with four objectives they have for itemization in the game:

"Foster a vibrant player ecosystem engaged in all WotLK in-game content"

"Maintain a steady flow of players enjoying Heroic Dungeons across the entire expansion."

"Preserve nostalgic itemization elements."

"Provide an itemization plan that is consistent across every phase of expansion."

The post that was written by Blizzard represents a high level of transparency and transparency for the game developer in an effort to build a positive relationship with its WoW WoTLK Classic players, a base packed with players who are generally dissatisfied and critical of Blizzard. WotLK isn't yet set with an release date but it's anticipated to come in the second half of cheap WoTLK Gold this year.


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