by on December 9, 2021

For many master players of Final Fantasy XIV, they will want to know where to find the best equipment available in Endwalker. The job artifact gear is one of them, and then we will introduce how players can unlock the job artifact gear of Endwalker.

The job artifact gear will follow a different system than usual because it targets all jobs instead of the usual Maiming, Healing, Casting and other types of job categories. This will require players to spend more time farming, and they need to Buy FF14 Gil. Fortunately, it will reward equipment that is more faithful to each job identity.

The only equipment with a higher item level is the Moonward Armor set, which has an item level of 570. It can be purchased from Radz-at-Han's Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism and is not job specific. To unlock the level 90 artifact, the player must reach level 89 and complete Endwalker's last main scenario task "A Bold Decision".

When players do this, they will see a blue sign indicating a new side mission for Old Sharlayan. The NPCs that provide players with side quests to unlock equipment will be located at X:11, Y:9, near the main Aetheryte of the city. Then, as long as the player reaches level 89, they can use FFXIV Gil to purchase the equipment they want. However, the full benefits of this equipment only apply to level 90.

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