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by on December 9, 2021

Blockchain technology is gaining more attention now. The entire world is keen on the phenomenon of Web 3.0. Which is that popular blockchain network that is growing very fast? It is TRON. Since its release in July 2018, it has grown significantly. Today, users can access blockchain explorers, decentralized exchanges (DEXes), decentralized applications (DApps), digital wallets, and NFT marketplaces. Are you that entrepreneur looking to augment your wealth? Join hands with a TRON token development company now. 

The numerous services offered are

TRC-10 - It is a native token integrated with the TRON blockchain network. Importantly, the technical standard operates without support from the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Moreover, information like token name, the exchange rate to Tronix (TRX), market capitalization, staked amount, bandwidth points consumed per account, and the timestamp is available on a real-time basis. 

TRC-20 - It is another technical standard on the TRON blockchain network where tokens are implemented with the terms and conditions implemented by the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Importantly, TRC-20 is fully compatible with ERC-20. Thus, investors can move their funds from Ethereum to TRON and TRON to Ethereum and vice-versa. 

TRC-721 - NFTs are getting more buzz with every passing day. Likewise, creators can issue their own collectibles on the TRON blockchain network. They must follow predefined terms and conditions. Moreover, TRC-721 is also completely compatible with ERC-721. 

An NFT development company will use the Solidity programming language and other web frameworks to create TRC-721 collectibles. Besides that, artists get advantages like swift processing of transactions and optional metadata extension. Further, all their tokens are unique since it is represented by the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This happens after artists mint their unique creations. 

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, TRON is ahead of numerous rivals in the market. It is also planning to build its mainnet named BitTorrent and users can share files via BitTorrent (BTT). Want to be a revolutionary cryptopreneur? Call up our blockchain wizards soon.

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