Camilla Burns
by on August 8, 2022

With so much buzz around, NFTs have become a valuable commodity that everyone wants to own. That too sports based NFTs have a huge fan base. National Basketball Association (NBA) Top Shot is the joint venture of the NBA, the NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs. NBA Top Shot was released in 2019. 

Now let's look in detail about NBA top shot clone and why they are preferred. 

What is an NBA top shot clone?

NBA Top Shot Clone is a pre-engineered copy of the well-known game, NBA Top Shot. This clone allows users to buy, sell, and trade licensed NBA highlights as distinct NFT collectibles that NBA fans can own indefinitely. Users can collect NBA video highlights of their choice, just like sports trading cards. 

What does an  NBA Top Shot provide?

It allows you to view NBA video highlights. These NBA Top Shot collectibles are referred to as moments, and they were created as an NFT on Flow. NBA Top Shot is similar to sports trading cards. The only difference is that NBA Top Shot moments are saved as NFTs rather than being printed on paper. NBA Top Shot's NFT collection has already become an important part of the NBA fan base. The success of NBA Top Shot is the reason to launch an NFT marketplace similar to it. You can create a stunning NBA Top Shot-like NFT Platform by using NBA Top Shot Clone. 

Why choose an NBA Top Shot CLone?

Building an NFT Marketplace from scratch, such as NBA Top Shot, is not only expensive, but it may take some time to launch. You can launch your NBA Top Shot-like NFT Marketplace in a matter of days with a fully-featured, foolproof NBA Top Shot Clone. Another simple way to quickly launch an NFT Marketplace such as NBA Top Shot is to use our ready-to-use White Label NBA Top Shot Clone, which can be quickly customised. 

Launching a NFT marketplace involves rigorous planning and requires technical experts and it is strongly recommended to partner with an NFT marketplace development company to get the required end-end services.

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