by on December 10, 2021

Since the release of New World, there are still many loyal players supporting it. More players bought a lot of New World Gold in order to get a better gaming experience. Recently, New World Autumn King Pack II was distributed, allowing players to get three gifts just by becoming a Prime Gaming subscriber. In this pack, players will get a new Sword skin, five purple dyes and a fist shake emote.

This is the second product in the Autumn King series, and the first product was launched at the end of November. The pack includes two skins, lucky tokens and another emoticon. If the player missed that drop, they can also claim it while fetching the latest pack from the Prime Gaming website. Or players can choose to spend New World Gold to get from trading post transactions.

In addition, Amazon Game Studios has announced that update 1.1.2 will be available soon. New World is preparing to enter a shutdown state in just a few hours.

This patch includes some minor changes to the game, which will prepare for the consolidation of servers soon and fix housing issues that occurred before and after patch 1.1.1. The “Turkey Terror” world event has also been completely disabled. According to the patch notes, this event will return in the future.

Now that the housing problem has been resolved, the affected players can re-spend New World Gold to buy and use the houses that were returned during the repair period. They can also pay taxes on any houses they own that is affected by recent issues.

Besides these, New World is still merging servers. Players who encounter problems in game exploration can check the guide and buy New World Gold at IGGM.

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