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by on December 10, 2021

Free throws, dunks, and slams are getting more traction now. Sports fans across the universe are getting closer to their favourite players and iconic teams. What is the reason for all this? It is NBA Top Shot. The NFT marketplace operating on the Flow blockchain network allows users to buy attractive packs and moments. Are you that entrepreneur looking to offer a virtual sports experience like no other? Create an NBA Top Shot clone now

The different types of collectibles in an NBA Top Shot like marketplace is

  • Common - Users can buy digital collectibles that are highly accessible and widely available. For instance, sports enthusiasts can purchase three-pointers and hook shots done by award-winning players. Besides that, data is available about the lowest ask price, names of collectors, and the price in US Dollars (USD). 
  • Fandom -  Investors can buy very special collectibles. They can trade moments that are launched by players at games as well as events (virtual and face-to-face). 
  • Rare - Small edition sizes can be easily claimed by fans. It includes historic moments and unforgettable packs of multiple legends. You can consider introducing such moments to get high demand from sports enthusiasts. They will make bids aggressively for a small number of packs containing trading cards. 
  •  Legendary Moments - A NBA Top Shot like marketplace shares information transparently. Moreover, it displays a list of top collectors and their social media accounts. Data about the number of moments, showcases, sets, showcases, and challenges are available. 

Wrapping Up

NBA Top Shot is coming out with ambitious plans for 2022. Importantly, Coinbase has partnered with the popular American basketball league. Besides that, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), NBA G League, and the NBA 2K League are also planning to release their own collectibles on the Flow blockchain network. Are you that entrepreneur willing to digitize the sports industry? Contact an NFT marketplace development company now and build an NBA Top Shot clone soon.

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