by on December 11, 2021

Amazon Game Studios previously announced the latest batch of content for New World’s public test realm, which is the standard way for the game to test its latest content before it is released to the public. PTR pops up as a temporary server, accessible to all players, and provides players with pre-built characters to test different levels of content. This content has a strong winter atmosphere.

This is a winter fusion holiday in New World, marked by snowfall and northern lights. Before entering this winter feast, players can buy New World Gold as an advance preparation.

Essentially, this activity will have a bunch of repeatable events. In these events, players collect winter tokens to buy cosmetics in themed shops. The more tokens the players turn in, the happier the snowman will be. The shop will have new armors, weapons, furniture, skins, consumables and a present gifting emotion.

In addition, there are some adjustments. One of them is the new endgame system. Advanced events in the new world will now drop a new resource called gypsum, which can be used through various production processes to get specific types of equipment that guarantee the improvement of professional knowledge. The High Water Mark category has been renamed to Expertise and now shows upgrades. Players can fight against enemies and find elite treasure chests to get Cheap New World Coins and rare items.

There are also new trading elements and adjustments to the PvP damage formula. Critical damage has been weakened slightly, and Amazon Game Studios has performed a “general consistency pass” in the buffer window. Players can spend New World Gold on increasing damage.

Many players think that every time New World is updated, a hungry thing will be weakened, which makes them full of troubles. But to prevent players from weakening their damage, they need to buy New World Gold to get a boost.

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