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One of the first areas players visit in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion is the tropical island Thavnair. The locals of Thavnair painted their buildings with bright colors, a combination of blue, red, yellow and purple. Players need to continuously Buy FF14 Gil in the game.

Three levels, a twisted dungeon, and after a lot of battles, players will find themselves in Ilsabard in the northwest, where the Garlean Empire is located. From the beginning, the empire has been one of the biggest threats to Final Fantasy XIV. This country is built on powerful magic technology, also known as Magitek. But the conspiracy of the evil Zenos yae Galvus left the capital Garlemald in ruins.

This dilapidated city has no color, it is full of dark gray metal and ashes, and it is surrounded by dirty white snow. The chaotic survivors crowded into an underground train station, trying to keep warm and full in desperate situations. For a moment, the player is in a bright and colorful tropical paradise, where life is cherished and celebrated. Next, the player will bring a small army to march towards the center of despair, that is Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

One of the joys of Final Fantasy XIV is that players can play as much as they want. They can be adventurers, gatherers, and craftsmen. Play with friends, or, if the player feels anti-social, take a group of non-player characters into the dungeon. Endwalker is a great story, bringing together old friends from the first three expansion packs. A good balance is achieved between the deadly and dangerous dramatic moments and the quiet moments, through plots to talk to the characters we have gradually understood and loved over the past eight years. In addition, players can choose IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil.

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