by on December 13, 2021

Towards the end of 2021, Grinding Gear Games recently announced many Path of Exile activities. From now to the end of this month, players will have many interesting and exciting ways to take part in many of the most popular features of the game.

From December 3rd to 13th, Endless Delve is in progress. Players will explore the azurite ore in depth. Unlike regular gameplay, players will skip the battle completely and have a brand new upgrade experience in the dark range of the mine.

From December 10th to 20th, Zizaran’s Gauntlet will take place. Community anchor Zizaran will once again host his Gauntlet event. Monsters will be much stronger than usual, and players will compete by killing bosses and achieving goals to earn POE Currency. Even the most skilled Path of Exile players, this arduous mode is a challenge.

From December 17th to 27th, Endless Heist will take place. It is a brand new mode in which players will skip the battle completely and upgrade specially by adventurous robbery. Players must hire skilled thieves to sneak into the facility, evade the guards’ discovery, and sprint crazily with the cargo. But be careful, if players die in a robbery, they will lose your POE Currency

From December 24th to January 3rd, Atlas Invasion will take place. It is also a new event mode, where players will encounter map bosses in every area of Wraeclast. They will discover these powerful enemies throughout the campaign and pose additional challenges to those who dare to challenge them.

From December 31st to January 10th, Delirium Everywhere will take place. It is a new mode in which the fog of Delirium covers the earth. Each area will be more challenging and there will be more monsters to defeat. Although challenging, this model is perfect for those who want the blood and glory that Wraeclast can provide.

December 9, 23, 30 Path of Exile’s Battle Royale mode makes a return! Players will fight each other in a shrinking area as they seek to be the only winner of the game. However, there is a problem! Once the remaining players reach the center of the island, they must also contend with Brutus, who does not favor any side and tries to destroy anyone.

If the players are more interested in this and want to know the details, they can buy more Path of Exile Currency and learn some practical skills to help them strive for greater achievements in the next activities.

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