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Isco: Current Rating: 82 Predicted Rating: 78
Spanish maestro Isco has the potential to light up the pitch, and the diminutive playmaker has always shown unparalleled talent in the game. One of the most important reasons the game developers put it at 82 is that he barely plays, which is undoubtedly influential.
Isco was indeed one of the brightest stars in Spanish football five years ago, but he has yet to achieve his goals. Whether it's the abandonment or poor form, even Isco has no reasonable excuse for the current score. If you want to get powerful stars in the season, this is undoubtedly extremely important for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode. In order to improve the experience of the game, it is very helpful for you to purchase FIFA 23 Coins at UTnice.

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Eden Hazard: Current Rating: 84 – Predicted Rating: 80
Since Chelsea joined the Spanish giants in 2019, Eden Hazard has had a year at Real Madrid, during which he has struggled with fitness, size and weight. The experience of one of football's most mysterious but brilliant talents in Spain has been disappointing and has tarnished that honour.
Eden Hazard has been sidelined for most of last season, whether through injury, illness or because he wasn't drafted, with some youngsters such as Vinicius Junior, Federico Valverde and Rodrigo. The players are more liked and loved than the Belgian superstar. So Eden Hazard vowed to return to the top, but the reality is that the number of people who support him is plummeting.

Ben Foster: Current Rating: 78 – Predicted Rating: 74
There's a sense of awe that veteran goalkeeper Ben Foster is still playing for the Premier League at the age of 39, even if Ben Foster's selection didn't quite go the way many fans had hoped. Ben Foster was finally relegated from the top flight without complaint after a scorching season last year.
Ben Foster's time at the Hertfordshire club is over and the age of 40 makes it difficult to guess what he will do next. But in any case, Ben Foster is an unknown legend in the football world, but based on the current situation, maintaining 78 points is extremely unlikely for him.
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