by on December 14, 2021

If there is a strong player card in Madden 22 that can be got for free, then it is estimated that no player can refuse this temptation. Especially when the player card is still a powerful Calvin Johnson card, which is equivalent to saving them a lot of MUT Coins. In the recent Madden 22 Zero Chill live broadcast, we learned that there is a way to get a free Calvin Johnson card through the Prime Gaming package.

This is wonderful news for players who want to strengthen the MUT 22 lineup. Players who want to get MUT Coins should make sure that they have prepared EA login credentials to log in to EA and Amazon Prime Gaming. However, there is one point that requires players to pay special attention. Only Prime members can receive rewards.

The reasonable steps to receive are:
1: Receive the Prime Gaming Pack first
2: Receive Calvin Johnson (FS)
3: Add Megatron to your MUT Squad

After completing these operations, 92 OVR Calvin Johnson for MUT 22 will appear in the players’ personal warehouses.

The Zero Chill suit is the latest product of Madden Ultimate Team and contains some incredible players. The player is Zero Chill Champion Peyton Manning. Currently, it is the only quarterback that has both the Hot-Route Master and Gunslinger X Factor abilities when powered up. Peyton Manning is the best candidate for players to reinforce Madden 22 Ultimate Team QB.

With Zero Chill now appearing in the MUT 22 market, players can start buying MUT 22 Coins at GameMS and then get the package and add some outstanding players to their roster, including 92 OVR Cordarrelle Patterson and 90 OVR Randy Moss.

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