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How does the car 4g gps tracker realize anti-theft tracking, real-time positioning for parking monitoring, and trajectory playback unit fleet scheduling.

1. Owners of cars know that new cars with anti-theft systems are equivalent to having a "hard-to-open lock", the purpose of which is to prevent thieves from cracking the car lock by various means to carry out theft. However, such a "difficult lock" will only "resist" and will not "call for help" when it is attacked. It will not have a better effect on the protection of the car, and it will not be able to deal with the theft.

2. The car GPS anti-theft device is based on the original car anti-theft system, and adds arming detection, displacement alarm, collision alarm and other alarm functions on the basis of the original system's functions, so as to achieve a more powerful anti-theft effect. When the car is stolen, the real-time location of the car can be inquired in time through the GPS vehicle monitoring platform to provide effective assistance for the police to retrieve the car.

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