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The Founder’s Pack gives players access to the Closed Beta and a series of in-game rewards and full version benefits. Lost Ark has four founder packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These allow players to access the closed beta, while also providing many other benefits and benefits, through in-game missions players can also get Lost Ark Gold. Here is some content about Bronze Founder to help players quickly understand it.

Bronze Founder’s Pack is priced at US$14.99, and the price may vary depending on where the players are located, and provides the following benefit: Head Start. Players can gain a three-day lead when the game starts. Founder’s Exclusive Pet. Players will get an exclusive pet to help them collect loot. 30 Day Crystalline Aura. This is a big halo, players can get a lot of improvement. Founder’s Title. All players who purchase Founder’s Pack and Lost Ark Gold can have an exclusive game title.

Crystalline Aura Explained. Crystalline Aura offers a lot of benefits for players. Players will get some free Triport trips every day instead of spending silver. Liner ship tickets cost 50 percent less, saving a lot of money for players to explore the world. Players have an additional opportunity every day to increase their affinity or relationship with NPCs, which can complete tasks quickly and get Lost Ark Gold or other rewards. It can also help players quickly restore life energy so that players have more time for logging and fishing.

Players can also get two additional Bifrost slots, and they can set two more return points around the world to help them travel more easily. Song of Return cooldown reduced by 50 percent. Stronghold Research time, Craft time, Stronghold action energy recovery speed has all been strengthened.

Crystalline Aura is essentially a fee that players pay besides the options. If they want to invest a lot of time in the game, it makes Bronze Founder’s Pack worth the money. But players can also buy Lost Ark Gold to make their gaming experience more perfect. Crystalline Aura is a premium member of Lost Ark and can be purchased again in the future.

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