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"When oil prices started to fall and the country was left with no money to buy imported goods," said Alejandro Velasco who is a professor of New York University who specializes in Venezuelan politics, during an interview by phone. "As as a result that there OSRS gold  was not enough money to sustain the economy."

Venezuela's bank accounts were empty after the country spent its most recent oil earnings on social programs like subsidised food, medical treatment, as well as literacy programmes. Chavez also removed perceived dissidents from the oil industry following an attempted coup d'état, which affected production.

The widespread corruption within the government has also hurt the economy, as per Paul Angelo, a fellow at the Council for Foreign Relations who is a specialist on Latin American politics.

Runescape creator Jagex has put a stop the development of Runelite HD, a fan-made HD mod to the popular Open-Source client of Old School Runescape, just when the project was set to go live on Monday. The decision was made at the eleventh hour, and has some Runescape players expressing displeasure at Jagex's decision , and stating that they'll switch to other MMOs.

Runelite HD creator "117" posted on Reddit Tuesday, sharing the message he received from Jagex and was later confirmed by Jagex in its own blog article. Runelite HD operates as a plugin that will provide an impressive visual overhaul to the core game Runescape which can be observed in 117's Twitter. Moderator 117 said they've spent around 2500 hours in the past two years developing Runelite HD.

"Yesterday we reached out to the developers of well-known HD projects and asked that they stop developing their projects because this is a project that we are actively investigating," Jagex stated. Jagex informed 117 that the company's efforts to develop an HD Version of Old School Runescape was "still very early in the exploratory phases" however "very still in the process."

"Naturally this implies that any fan-driven project that is attempting to alter the way Old School RuneScape appears is in opposition to our goals," Jagex wrote to 117. "We believe it is essential to ensure consistency in the way Old School appears and we'd like to ensure that our changes to the official version are the only ones that are available.

We hope that the news of Jagex as well as the Old School team are tackling this endeavor with a seriousness is something that you are excited about however it could require us to respectfully request that you stop your own personal project."

117 stated that they had offered Jagex an option by removing their project  buy rs07 fire cape after Jagex had released their own, and also giving Jagex "collaborative oversight" over the visual style of Runelite HD.


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