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On a continent as big as Tamriel, players can go to many places. From the cold sky to the jungle of Elsweyr, this continent has a variety of environments and peoples. With such diversity, various stories and events are waiting for players to discover. Some will only reward experience, but others can help players get ESO Gold or more resources. Here are some ESO DLCs and extensions worth buying.

Summerset. Summerset is the home of Altmer. It is bright and happy, like a holiday resort or summer house, nothing can go wrong. However, like other places in Tamriel, this peaceful appearance hides many, many problems. Players as adventurers cannot ignore their plight. Summerset is also a place where players get a very useful Psijic skill line. All in all, this is a great DLC worth buying. Players can explore new locations and have a new skill line. Players can get some experience and ESO Gold from it.

Elsweyr. Elsweyr is one of the biggest expansions of the game, so it is worth the physical release. A copy costs about $30 and allows players to visit a huge province, Elsweyr. There is also a new profession, Necromancer. Dragons to fight.. Players can experience New Khajiit breeds and New Houses. More importantly, the tasks and knowledge provided by this location are top-notch. They are some of the best in the game. One of the NPCs even won the hearts of many players. This is an extension that is definitely worth the money.

Clockwork City. Clockwork City may be a small DLC, but it is full of interesting quest lines, some ESO items, etc. Players can ESO Gold Buy and other rewards by completing some interesting tasks. Many players rate it very highly.

Players still have a lot to explore in Elder Scrolls Online. Of course, players can decide which extension to buy according to their preferences. But the same is that players can prepare enough ESO Gold to increase their strength so that they can easily explore the world! Or they can buy ESO Gold to increase their wealth.

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