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New World Update 1.2 brings a series of nice PvP and Endgame changes and this nice new event. It has multiple parts, all of which add up to be very comprehensive. It can also be incredibly rewarding, but it will take some time to get there. If players want to get rewards for completing tasks more smoothly, it is very necessary to buy New World Gold.

Convergence Festival Event is a seasonal festival event of New World. Players will help Yeti, known as Winter Wanderer, restore their memory and stop Winter Warriors. Winter Warriors is another Yetis who hopes to make Aeternum “Forever Winter”. There are many ways to help Winter Wanderer, all of which can reward players with unique items and seasonal loot, such as limited decorations and New World Gold.

There is a quest line for players to face brand new Elite enemies, all of which have their own names and unique drops. A temporary new member has been added to the town, Trees of Light. Players can upgrade through town committee tasks or spend New World Gold to help speed up their progress in the event.

The primary goal of each part of this event is to earn Winter Tokens. These tokens be spent in the Winter Convergence Festival Shop, available from the Winter Wanderer in any Winter Village. If players miss it, they can also buy New World Gold later and get from trading on trading post.

As the popularity of Winter Wanderer increases, Winter Convergence Festival Shop will also expand its product range. Players can expand the reputation of Winter Wanderer through many limited missions like Trees of Light.

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